Our Mission

Whole Life Goals is about connecting Professionals to people seeking to increase their health and happiness. We wish to create a community in which all of our members communicate and flourish for the betterment of all.

For Professionals, we want to provide a means of promoting your practice, finding clients that value your services and abilities, and prospering in your business.

For our members, we want to help you set and attain your health goals. We want you to be able to find vetted Professionals that provide the services you want. There are Professionals in your locale — we want you to be able to easily find them, and if there is someone you wish to work with remotely, we want to be able to facilitate that as well.

Anthony Cotter

Anthony Cotter’s health-conscious mother and party-friendly father raised him and his older brother in Queens, New York. She taught her boys yoga, meditation and raised Anthony vegetarian from birth. His mother and father divorced when Anthony was five, and he and brother lived with an abusive stepfather for the next few years. After his mother’s passing on Christmas Eve, Anthony and his brother moved in with their drug-addicted father. His brother would wind-up in Rikers Island, later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. 

Anthony left home and lived on the streets for years, bouncing around from couch, to park bench, to rooftops and living in a wooden shed during winter months. At seventeen, he moved into his first apartment in South Ozone Park, and found himself in the world alone, battling addictions and poverty.  Anthony was around twenty when he was given a book called “A Diet for A New America,” by John Robins. He decided to remove all animal products from his life and started to become mindful of what he consumed. He acquired a high school equivalency diploma and went on to study nutrition in Brooklyn College. He left college and went to the Culinary Arts Institute to learn more about raw food techniques and vegan cooking. 

With his partner, he moved from Brooklyn to San Francisco and opened InBloom Foods; a raw food catering company. He taught meditation and yoga throughout the juvenile hall systems with the nonprofit group Mind Body Awareness Project. Eventually, Anthony and his partner moved back east to work in finance, opened a yoga studio, had their first child.   Today he lives in the Green Mountains of Vermont with his two children. He is most fulfilled when speaking about health and wellness, sharing stories, products, books, music, documentaries and connecting great people together.  Throughout his life he always sought guidance from elders, gurus, and mentors who taught him how to create a better life, and to always follow a worthy ideal. Anthony’s health and wellness success simply comes from focusing on his Movement, Meals, Mind & Money philosophy.

Out of this philosophy, Whole Life Goals was created.

David Schiller

David Schiller

David Schiller CFO Acquired a bachelor's degree in accounting and finance at Hofstra University. Dave is a CPA and senior forensic consultant. Dave worked in finance for many years as an investment analyst and portfolio manager at AM Partners. He was senior investment analyst at JP Morgan and principal strategies VP at Citi. As CFO DAVE advises management & BODs on strategic initiatives, implementation of operational efficiencies, and improvement of monetization, & ROI. Dave's primary focus will be to investigate structural problems within the organization and recommend changes to operational controls while minimizing disruption. Dave has worked in the public/private technology/(SaaS) software/hardware, professional services, ecommerce, IT consulting, real estate, private equity, manufacturing, and medical devices businesses.

Sloan Sehr

Sloan Headshot

Sloan Sehr CMO Is from Brooklyn, New York and worked for over a decade leading, managing and developing advertising technology and sales based solutions catered to online ecommerce and retail brands. He has an M.B.A. and is also a black belt certified six-sigma consultant.

Joseph de Sena

Joe De Sena

Joseph de Sena Strategic Advisor Has demonstrated his entrepreneurial drive since his preteens. He built a multi-million dollar pool and construction business in college, and created a Wall Street trading firm. He moved his family to Vermont where he ran ultra-marathons, adventure races, and endurance events, and created the Spartan Race. Spartan Race has had over a million global participants with more than 270 events across 40+ countries. Spartan has transformed more than seven million lives since it was founded in 2010. Throughout his lifetime, Joe has competed in any extreme sports adventure he could find, testing his mental and physical endurance against nature. Joe turned an interest in endurance racing into a passion and is a New York Times best seller and author of three books.

Alexandra Kazimir

Alexandra serves as the Project Manager at Whole Life Goals. Graduating Magne Cume Laude with a degree in Public Health at the University of Rochester, she brings the perspective of preventive health measures and community-based, population health. Alexandra found yoga while enrolled at the University of Rochester, where an initial curiosity grew into a source of deep healing and vitality. Unsatisfied with the allopathic model, and seeking a more holistic an integrative approach to health and disease, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training shortly after graduating. Her own personal journey through illness and healing has inspired her to share her experiences and tools with others walking the path of mindfulness and healing. Alexandra gained experience in marketing and communications, serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer, and working with non-profits oriented towards local food and agricultural issues in Vermont and Hawaii. She currently lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she teaches yoga, among other engagements that enable her to do so. Alexandra ultimately dreams of further studies that will enable her to serve as a holistic health practitioner and mindfulness instructor. Outside of her time spent supporting Whole Life Goals, Alexandra can be found hiking, biking, practicing yoga, and fiddling around on the ukulele.

Liam Tracy

Liam Tracy, Whole Life Goals’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer), knows that finding your best self is an all-encompassing journey. It is a balance of living an inspiring life through accustomed artistry, nutrition and diet, a flowing exertive lifestyle and positive relationships. Constantly being in tune with your personal mood, energy and the internal elements that create a clear behavior. We are looking forward to continuing longevity and prosperity through this digital medium. Whole Life Goals compliments and exudes these accomplishments to the full extent. Liam has worked in the fashion and surfing industry for such companies as Ralph Lauren, Matuse, Brooks Brothers and Faherty Brand to name a few. Both industries are complementary in the ideology of looking good and physically feeling even better. With this said, health is a key point to success in life.

Orion Bayo

Whole Life Goal's chief engineer grew up in Brooklyn during the 90’s. It was a sensory adventure that made Orion yearn for more. Honing in on that desire, he spent most of his professional life enjoying marketing and event planning with some of the largest companies in the world. Health, diet, nutrition and holistic living are currently some of the key drivers in his life and he looks forward to sharing them with as many people as possible.

Rudi Bach

Since 1991, Chief Operating Officer Rudi Bach been working in performing and visual arts, mostly doing production and exhibit design, which keeps him close to the theater as well as managing art collections. He understands that the collaborative efforts of a generous creative team can often bring out the best in people. This is a belief he’s seen come to life in Seattle, Washington DC and New York City within the great organizations and productions in which he’s been involved.

Steve Halstead

Steve Halstead is Whole Life Goals’s Director of Operations. Prior to joining our community, he was Senior CRM Analyst at the J Jill Group, a leading multichannel fashion retailer of apparel, accessories, and footwear. Steve’s also worked as a Marketing Manager at the Boston start-up, Paint Nite where he led the email marketing channel. In addition, he spent four years at Spartan Race where he led US and international email marketing efforts. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Industrial Engineering. When he's not working, you can find him at the beach, playing golf or skiing Vermont.

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